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Thank you for your interest in the HMF Street Team!
We're excited to involve fans in the promotion of HMF and are accepting applications for our Street Team. Get involved in this grass-roots movement to spread the word about HMF! We want YOU to be a part of the action: complete tasks, take photos along the way, have some fun and earn rewards! In order to be considered for the HMF Street Team, please complete our short form below.

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Point System
  • Post or share authorized HMF message on social media = 1 point/post
  • Post up HMF poster at your local Asian stores or restaurants = 2 points/location
  • Wear HMF promotional t-shirt to a local event or gathering = 2 points/event
  • Pass out 500 HMF or more flyers at local Hmong events or stores = 4 points/event
  1. Each member must first earned 3 points before they can request for an HMF promotional t-shirt.
  2. HMF flyers are available at different time until the event. Member must check with Street Team Manager for delivering of flyers.
  3. No combining points or transferring points among members
  4. Point structure is accumulative
  5. Proof of performance (ie. photo, hashtag, or video) is require for each activity to earned points
  6. Points & Rewards will be notified through email
  • Earned 3 points: HMF promotional t-shirt
  • Earned 10 points: One Free HMF Ticket
  • Earned 25 points: One additional Free HMF Ticket + 2 Beverage ticketslip>
  • Earned 40 points: One Free VIP upgrade + One HMF Street Team Exclusive T-shirt
  • Earned 50 points: One additional Free VIP upgrade + 2 Food tickets